96: “The Clandestine Adventures of Mrs. Merz” by Tin Hat (formerly The Tin Hat Trio)

Homo sapiens create new sounds.Here’s a band that’s growing on me.  This song is a good example of how Tin Hat can meander all around a song before pulling it all together at the end.  It’s from Book of Silk (2004).

They’ve had a couple of greats play with them who are worthy of making a noise to yourself like ‘hm!’…  Both Willie Nelson and Tom Waits have been featured guests of the band.  Not bad to have those two in your fan base, Tin Hat!

It’s a beautiful new type of sound I have not heard the likes of before.  It’s got unconventional beauty.

The video that goes with it is totally unrelated, done by the fan who uploaded the video.

Now, tilt your head to one side, either side will do, and enjoy.

Song: The Clandestine Adventures of Mrs. Merz
Artist: Tin Hat
Album: Book of Silk
Label: Artemis Records
Buy from: Amazon