301: “Lost In The Light” by Bahamas

Handsome is as handsome does.This one is gorgeous. And sad.

Nothing beautiful is perfect.

Bahamas is the moniker of Afie Jurvanen, a Canadian singer-songwriter, and his latest album is Barchords (2012). It contains some marvelously cracked jewels like “Lost in the Light.” And the picture to the right does not capture the illustrative depth of character and emotion rendered by Afie in the aforementioned tune. I just thought the moustache was 110% black angus solid beef-out style and ought to be shared.

In the same spirit, here is a beautiful and nearly perfect poem, from Braided Creek by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser (Copper Canyon Press, 2003):

Straining on the toilet
we learn how
the lightning bug feels.

Don’t strain too hard. Just relax, and enjoy the light.

Song: Lost In The Light
Artist: Bahamas
Album: Barchords
Label: Brushfire Records/Universal
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234: “Swing” by Savage

Talk to the forearm.Guilty pleasure: Samoan rap by Savage.


Song: Swing
Artist: Savage
Album: Savage Island
Label: Universal
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124: “One Note Samba” by Dizzie Gillespie

Let it out, dude!!!Dizzy Gillespie.  Trumpet player’s trumpet player.

Pay homage by stretching your smile as far as it will go in either direction, then stretch it a little farther… and a little farther… and then… enjoy….

Song: One Note Samba
Artist: Dizzie Gillespie
Album: New Wave [Import]
Label: Universal
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