226: “Border Crossing” by DJ Shadow

Yeah, this is my tough guy pose. Get this shit right here.The Less You Know, The Better dropped a couple of days ago like a sack of hammers.

DJ Shadow displays quite a range on the album. It hardly sounds like the abbreviation “DJ” should be on the front of it all.

Shadow rocks the house, Rage Against The Machine-style, on “Border Crossing.” There are a few other good tracks, but overall I don’t have the same aesthetics as Shadow, and I am left wanting. So it is.

But I’ll rock this one a time or twenty. Enjoy, yourself, if it suits.

Song: Border Crossing
Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: The Less You Know The Better
Label: Verve Forecast
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Watch: YouTube

221: “Buckjump” by Trombone Shorty

His bodyguards look funny.Y’all, the new Trombone Shorty is out and it is funky-donkey… For True (Sep 13, 2011). Dialed-in, straight ahead grooves, brilliant brass and Shorty’s (Troy Andrews’) soulful voice make a potent combination. It’s aural New Orleans, and they ain’t bringing no weak sauce.

Plus, you gotta give props to any vertically challenged trombone player who makes good on his talent like this guy.


I’m mixing up the format today. I can’t find YouTube vids for everything, so I’m doing MOG / Spotify links and including the YouTube embed if it’s available. That’s the technology I’m going with for now. I’m open to suggestions if anyone wants to throw some out there.

What we have here is open communication. Thank-you for your consideration.


Song: Buckjump
Artist: Trombone Shorty
Album: For True
Label: Verve Forecast
Listen: MOG | Spotify