224: “A Few Good Words (Featuring Njimole)” by DJ Center

Ghost hunters should analyze this photo.Find your center. Breathe deeply. In with the good, and out with the bad. Count down from 10 slowly. Then take one full, deep breath inward… And scream toward the sky the name of your least favorite Republican presidential nominee candidate. Like Kirk in Wrath of Shatner’s Line.

It will do you good. (“JUSTIN BIEBERRRRRR!!!” is a highly suitable improvisation.)

DJ Center may also help you find peace in your life. Check out “A Few Good Words (Featuring Njimole),” from Everything in Time (2010).

Breathe. And enjoy.

Song: Center’s Groove
Artist: DJ Center
Album: Everything in Time
Label: Push the Fader
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify

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