280: “Season of the Witch” by Stephen Stills, Al Kooper

Season of the TwitchAs a child, my grandparents’ and cousins’ houses were separated by a few fences and some pastureland. One of the fences was electrified.

The electric fence provided me, my brother, and my cousin with hours of entertainment. We experimented with all sorts of different conductive materials and creative dares. One day, we were simply rolling under the electric fence, in transit between houses (we were too small to jump it, around 9 and 10 years old). My cousin, Clay, was holding a golf club without its head that my Grandfather used to carry on walks, with which to whack aggressive dogs…

So, Clay rolled underneath the electric fence while holding the metal golf club. And he rolled in such a way that the club touched the fence while he was laying directly underneath it. It started shocking the crap out of him, but the golf club was SITTING ON HIS CHEST AND LEANING AGAINST the electric fence above him. He was shaking and gurgling as he writhed to try to get away from the electrified golf club. I wanted to help, but my stronger inclination was not to get shocked, so I yelled at him and the golf club. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Clay shook and gurgled for what seemed like forever (it was probably 3 seconds). Eventually, he convulsed/wriggled until the club fell and lost contact with the fence.

When I realized he was okay I had a good laugh at his expense. Clay took a while to find his humor again.

Clay, I’m sorry I didn’t think to kick the club away. But you’ve had healthy kids and that twitch went away, so I guess no permanent damage was done.

This story has nothing at all to do with the music below, by Stephen Stills and Al Kooper from Super Session (1968).

Enjoy the energy in this track.

Song: Season of the Witch
Artist: Stephen Stills, Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
Album: Super Session
Label: Columbia / Legacy
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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One Response to 280: “Season of the Witch” by Stephen Stills, Al Kooper

  1. Brian Strong says:

    That is the funniest introduction to a song.

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