286: “Back Back” by Archie Shepp

Think, man, think! Look at him go!Everything is rhythm.
You aren’t even a thing at all, really,
other than the amalgamation of the rhythms of the motions of sub-atomic particles
that compose your mind, your body, and your interactions.

In this infinite variety of rhythm, you exist.

And as part of the process in motion,
you lay down themes and patterns
on the skins of your life each day,
getting up, getting down,
with chaotic insertions, improvisations.
Trying to get in the groove.

Everything is rhythm.
Orbits, seasons, walking, economies, planet-killing asteroids, hide-and-seek, the way a bobblehead moves, the life and death of stars, biological reproduction, and check it, I think your head is bobbing to the tune you just started listening to.

The song is “Back Back” by Archie Shepp from Kwanza (1969)… What was it about 1968-69 that made so many amazing things all happen around the same time? Perhaps things like the rapid unfolding of the fate of the human race just go in cycles with peaks, valleys, apexes and nadirs like everything else. Artists, assassins and astronauts are all part of the rhythm.

Conjugate with the “Back Back” rhythm, and enjoy.

Song: Back Back
Artist: Archie Shepp
Album: Kwanza
Label: Impulse! Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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